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Humility - Our Daily Bread
The whole Bible speaks of so many perspectives of pride and how we can counter it with humility.  
"PWM will never be a church of pride, self-glory, worldly glory, worldly power, worldly praise." 
Humility is looked upon with contempt from the world." But that's okay, because God will be glorified. It's His praise on our lips. We are dying to self so His Will in us will be fulfilled.  
So when we ask for our daily bread, let it be humility. You cannot be humble in pride. Give us humility, Lord, on our daily walk with you. Give us humility in our trials so we can rejoice in it. Give us humility, to pass down to our children and future generations so we can be rid of the evil thing which has been its plague and curse from Adam onward.  
In Jesus' Name...
Valesa Baker