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The Ministry of Christ for Us Never Ceases

   The washing of regeneration gives us a part in Christ: the daily washing of sanctification gives us a part with Christ. In order to enjoy full, intelligent, happy communion, we must have a clean conscience, and clean feet. The blood of atonement secures the former; the water of purification maintains the other. 


Both the blood and the water flowed from a crucified Christ. The death of Christ is the necessary basis of everything. 


He died to make us clean; He lives to keep us clean. We are made as clean as His death can make us; we are kept as clean as His life can keep us. 


And, be it remembered, this marvelous ministry of Christ on our behalf never ceases. He ever liveth to act for us on high, and to act on us and in us by His Word and Spirit. He speaks to God for us, and He speaks to us for God. He came from God, and travelled down to the profoundest depths of our need. He has gone back to God, to bear us ever on His heart, to meet our daily need, and to maintain us in the integrity of the position and relationship into which He has introduced us.