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Only love creates good. Love alone can, in a word, be perceived in all its dimensions and its aspects in created things, and especially in man. 

Original happiness, the beatifying beginning of man whom God created "male and female" (Gn 1:27), has and expresses its roots in love.

The first verses of the Bible speak about it so much as to remove all doubt. They speak not only of the creation of the world and of man in the world. They also speak of grace, that is, of the communication of holiness, of the roots of the Spirit, which produced a special state of "spiritualization" in man, who in fact was the first. In biblical language, that is, in the language of (divine) revelation, the adjective "first" means precisely "of God": "Adam, the son of God" (cf. Lk 3:38). The son of Love.

(True) happiness is being rooted in love. Original happiness speaks to us of the beginning of man, who emerged from love and initiated love. That happened in an irrevocable way, despite the subsequent sin and death. 

In His time, Christ will be a witness to this irreversible love of the Creator and Father, which had already been expressed in the mystery of creation and in the grace of original innocence. 

The common beginning of man and woman, that is, the original truth of their body in masculinity and femininity, to which Genesis 2:25 draws our attention, does not know shame. This beginning can also be defined as the original and beatifying immunity from shame as the result of love.  (And, love never changes) 

Pope John Paul II