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" Give Me the Teaching of the Holy Spirit"


Well says John Owen, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, "There is a sacred light in the Word: but there is a covering and veil on the eyes of men, so that they cannot behold it aright. Now, the removal of this veil is the peculiar work of the Holy Spirit". Humble prayer will throw more light on your Bible than Peele, or Henry, or Scott, or Burkitt, or Bengal, or Alford, or Wordsworth, or Barnes, or Ellicott, or Lightfoot, or any commentary that ever was written. 

The Bible is a large book or a small one, a dark or a bright one, according to the spirit in which men read it. Intellect alone will do nothing with it. Wranglers and first-class men will not understand it unless their hearts are right as well as their heads. The highest critical and grammatical knowledge will find it a sealed book without the teaching of the Holy Ghost. Its contents are often "hid to the wise and prudent and revealed to babes". Remember this, and say always, when you open your Bible, "O God, for Christ's sake, give me the teaching of the Spirit".

J. C. Ryle