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The Truth of the Resurrection          

It has also been the truth of the resurrection that empowered all the martys of every age, and it is as we behold the glory set before us that we are able to take up our crosses and "die daily."

We must also consider, if the ultimate fear by which the enemy has kept mankind in bondage is the fear of death and truth of the resurrection breaks this bondage, why is the world in such darkness and bondage?  It is because the church has been almost mute on this greatest of truths since the first century. 

The great preacher, Charles Spurgeon, once made a remarkable statement that very few Christians believe in the resurrection.  When I read this, I thought it must have been a misprint, but I felt the Spirit witness to me that it was true.  It is not believing in our minds which results in righteousness, but believing in our hearts (see Romans 10:10).  It is not by just believing in the doctrine of the resurrection that we are set free, but when we believe in our hearts so it changes the way that we live and view this present world.  If we truly believed in the resurrection in our hearts, most of our lives would be very different than they are now.  We would not be so consumed with the things that are passing away and would give ourselves wholly to that which is eternal.

Rick Joyner