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The (High) Love of God

Holy Spirit, light the face and sharpness of my inward eye with clarity so that my mind, thoroughly made marvelous with grace, may swiftly flee into the high contentment of love.  And having my taste for love kindled, may I sit and rest rejoicing in Jesus, and live life as ravished in the sweetness of its heavenly atmosphere. And having confidence in only unseen things, let nothing but godly things make me glad.  
O Love everlasting, inflame my soul to love God so nothing may burn in me but His embraces. Refresh my mind with the hot wine of sweet love that I may be glad and rejoice in Jesus my God.  
Holy Spirit, come into me and ravish me to Yourself. Burn my loins and my heart with Your fire so that my altars shall burn endlessly toward You alone. 
Slip a longing for You into my soul.  Kindle with Your heat the whole of my heart. With Your light, enlighten my innermost parts; make my heart become the core of high love.  
Love casts away all hindrances, abandons all temptations, and suffers all afflictions for Christ. To one saturated by love, all labor is light.
The mind enkindled with high love cleaves to Christ with undivided thought.  He worships and loves the name of Jesus which remains constantly in his mind. 
Love ascends and ascends until it excludes all comfort except what is in Jesus—when nothing but Jesus might satisfy it. It yearns only for Christ, desires Christ alone, abides only in His desire, sighs after Him, burns in Him, rests warm in Him.  Nothing is sweet to it; it desires nothing but to be made sweet in Jesus.  Jesus alone becomes a song of music in a festival of wine.  
When a man loves Christ, he knows he has all that he wishes to have, and anything without Him is abhorrent, worthless, and mean. 
O my soul, cease from loving the world and melt in the love of Christ.
O God, my soul is devoted to You and desires to see You.  It cries to You from afar; it burns in You, it longs for Your love.  O love that does not fail, You have overcome me. You have wounded my heart, and now, overcome and wounded, I fall.  
I barely live because of the joy you bring, and nearly die, having trouble enduring  the sweetness of so great a majesty of high love in my decaying flesh.
My whole heart, fastened in desire of Jesus, is turned into the heat of love and is swallowed into another joy and another form.  
Therefore, give medicine to my heart.  He who does not love You loses everything; he who does not follow You is mad.
Love is the highest virtue.  Excellent and sweet.  It joins the loved to the lover like Christ is joined to the chosen soul forever.  It forms in us the image of God  and brings us back into the likeness of the Creator. 
Truly, the more we grow in love man love, the higher in the Heavenlies we shall be. Though a man might live here forever, yet he should not intend at any time to stand still and not progress in love. The course of a life enlightened by the Holy Spirit never deviates from this, "the longer I live, the more I should burn in love." 
The greatness of God is infinite, beyond what we may imagine, of sweetness incalculable; and He and His love are utterly inconceivable to all human nature.  But when the mind begins to burn in desire for its Creator, it is able to receive the uncreated light, and so become inspired and fulfilled with gifts of the Holy Spirit and raised to the sweetness of everlasting life. And a love, strong, ravishing, and burning, that it willing brings the whole soul to serve God and allows itself to think of nothing but Him.  Where it only lives for Him, and living for Him is all that it enjoys. 
Here is shown perfect love, when all the intent of mind, all the secret work of the heart is lifted into the love of God.  A true love so strong that no worldly joy or anything in the natural or in the flesh is lawful or attractive. 
Therefore, love God for Himself and for no other thing. Nor love yourself except for God.
O high love, come to me and take me into You, and present me to my Creator.  You are a flavor well-tasting, a sweetness well-smelling, a pleasant odor, a cleansing height, an endlessly lasting comfort.  You make men think far beyond themselves; you open heaven's gate; you bolt the mouth of accusers; you make God visible; and you hide a multitude of sins.  
We praise you, we preach you; by you we overcome the world;  by you we rejoice and ascend the heavenly ladder.  
High love, in your sweetness fly into me; more and more I commit me and mine to you, without end.

Richard Rolle